Lehigh County Burglary Defense Lawyer


Do I Need a Burglary Defense Lawyer?

If you’re facing theft or burglary charges in Lehigh County, there can be a lot at stake. A guilty verdict could lead to hefty fines, community service, a probation period, or even jail time up to as many as 20 years. Additionally, a burglary conviction can negatively affect your life moving forward. And you could face added challenges regarding employment and housing as well as your reputation. So, it’s best to partner with burglary defense attorneys in Lehigh County, PA, who will work hard to put together a strong case for you. Here at Dutko Law, LLC, we have the trial experience and knowledge of the law needed to get the best possible results.

Nearby Burglary Defense Attorneys in Lehigh County, PA

If you or a loved one faces burglary charges, it’s best to reach out to a burglary defense lawyer in Lehigh County, PA, as soon as you can. That way, our dedicated team at Dutko Law can start putting together your defense and examining the evidence. Burglary cases may involve witnesses as well as physical and electronic evidence. So, it’s important to look at all of this carefully. If you’re wondering, “Is there a local burglary defense lawyer near me?” you’ve come to the right place. Contact us for more information.

Burglary defense attorneys in Lehigh County, PA

What is Burglary?

Theft, burglary, and robbery are often confused with each other. But these crimes and their charges are different, and there are different degrees of burglary. Therefore, it’s important to understand exactly what you’re being charged with. Generally, burglary charges are more harsh than simple theft charges. A burglary occurs if you enter any part of a building or occupied structure with the intent to commit a crime. And you don’t even have to steal anything or break and enter into the building to be charged with burglary. Some of the common burglary defenses include:

  • The Building was Abandoned
  • The Premises is Open to the Public at All Times
  • A Lack of Intent for Committing a Crime Inside the Building
  • Consent from the Property Owner
  • A License or Privilege was Granted to Enter the Property


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