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A Child Custody Attorney in Allentown is Vital to Your Case

Do you have a child custody problem in Allentown? Are you qualified for child support?

If your ex-spouse has hired a custody attorney and you haven’t, it is more than likely that you won’t receive a fair deal. So, contact our family law firm today. Our team represents clients in Lehigh, Berks, and Northampton counties.

When it comes to child custody cases in Allentown, arguing between former spouses is usually expected. And sometimes an attorney acting as a mediator is all that’s needed to help keep things civil and moving along towards a resolution. However, even if you’re currently on good terms with your ex, things can get heated pretty quickly. Being in your child’s life is essential, so the stakes can be very high. A custody attorney will keep you and your child’s best interests in mind and make sure that your spouse doesn’t try to take your child unlawfully. Here at Dutko Law, we know how difficult this time can be, but you don’t have to go it alone. Let our team represent you in this critically important part of your life.

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The most contested issue in a divorce is often the children. When ex-spouses are arguing about each other’s parenting abilities, it’s best to get a custody attorney that understands what your rights and obligations are when coming to an agreement. You may be wondering how the court determines a child custody arrangement. The law in Pennsylvania looks at what is in the “best interest of the child.” There are several factors that determine the best interest standard.

For example, the state looks at the parents and considers which one is more likely to encourage visitation rights to the other parent. Additionally, which person has followed the duties of a parent, providing care and support for their children? Both items of “care and support” refer to aspects of general care, like providing food, shelter, and healthcare. But it could also involve encouraging education as well as participation in extra activities. Contact Dutko Law today!

Who Handles Allentown, PA Child Custody Near Me?

Dutko Law is here to help you, but there are a number of child custody factors to look at. Additional factors often are taken into consideration by the state involving child custody in Allentown:

1) The child’s sibling relationships.

2) Based on the judgment and maturity of the child, their own preference.

3) Which parent is more likely to provide for the needs of the child, whether educational, emotional, developmental, physical, or other special needs.

4) How available extended family is to the child.

5) And how far they are in proximity to each party.