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A Child Custody Attorney in Reading is Crucial to Your Case

Are you in a child custody battle in Reading? Are you eligible for child support?

If you’re dealing with a family law or child support dispute, our law firm will look out for your best interests. With offices in Lehigh and Berks counties, we represent clients in the surrounding areas.

Divorces can get ugly pretty quickly, especially when children are involved. If two parents get into an argument over child custody, it can turn into a long, drawn-out battle for one of the most important aspects of a family. Switching to an experienced Reading attorney can help lead to a speedy resolution of the case, making sure that your spouse doesn’t try to take your child unlawfully. At Dutko Law, we understand how confusing, overwhelming, and stressful a court case like this can be. Our dedicated team is well-versed in family law, and we are dedicated to putting you and your children’s interests first. Let us represent you and show your case in the best possible light.

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There are times when a case that seems open and shut turns into a complicated proceeding. A custody dispute can involve visitation rights as well as access to education and medical records. Our custody lawyer’s ability to negotiate will help you get through this emotion-filled process without any additional resentment. The law in Pennsylvania looks at what is in the “best interest of the child,” and there are several factors that determine this standard. For example, if there’s evidence that one parent has interfered with the visitation rights of the opposing parent, this could affect the case. The court will also look at which caretaker has completed the duty of the parent, such as care and support. Both items of “care and support” refer to general supervision, like providing consistency as well as healthcare, food, and shelter. This could also extend to mean encouragement of the child’s education and participation in extracurricular activities. Contact Dutko Law today!

Additional factors often are taken into consideration by the state involving child custody in Reading:

(1) The child’s sibling relationships.

(2) Based on the judgment and maturity of the child, their own preference.

(3) Which parent is more likely to provide for the needs of the child, whether educational, emotional, developmental, physical, or other special needs.

(4) How available extended family is to the child.

(5) How far they are in proximity to each party.