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Coronavirus Legal Issues

Coronavirus Legal Issues

Legal Issues During the Coronavirus

Even though much of the world is on pause right now, there are still legal issues that may arise. Here at Dutko Law, we are keeping the coronavirus outbreak in mind, as we coronavirus maskhave closed our physical doors to help with social distancing. But we are still available by phone during our usual office hours. Call now for a top-quality legal consultation. Our lawyers can handle everything from domestic disputes and divorce law to civil litigation and age discrimination.

Landlord/Tenant Disputes

In these tough times, people may be a little on edge — especially since we don’t know how severe or long-lasting the COVID-19 shutdown will be. Tenants might have less money coming in while they’re working from home, or they could be laid off and trying to file for unemployment. Landlords are worried about not collecting enough to pay their mortgage, so they default on their loan, leading to a massive housing crisis similar to 2008. Meanwhile, landlords may be dealing with additional duties, such as wiping down and disinfecting public door handles or making sure that only one family at a time uses an elevator. And we all could have friends and family members who have contracted the disease, adding to our level of stress and worry.

If you’re unable to make the month’s rent, it’s best to inform your landlord or property landlord courtmanager right away via e-mail and keep a paper trail when possible. Landlords know that evicting everyone in their building isn’t a realistic option, and there is a memorandum against it in Pennsylvania this month. Some landlords are offering extensions, while others may be waiving rent altogether this month. They expect the rent eventually, so it’s just prolonging people’s anxiety about it. On the other end of the spectrum, some landlords are placing threatening notes on the doors of tenants. If you think you’re going to be facing an illegal eviction, give our civil litigation lawyers a call today.

Local Landlord Tenant Dispute Attorney

There is a bill being drafted in Harrisburg that would freeze mortgage and rent payments during the Coronavirus pandemic, but it’s still in the very early stages. Certain areas are providing special protection from eviction during the coronavirus, and the CARES Act is giving relief to small business owners that are struggling. Dealing with these laws and figuring out exactly how you’re protected can be a complicated process. Therefore, it’s best to turn to the professional attorneys at Dutko Law. Hiring a skilled litigator is the first step you can take towards garnering a successful outcome. We may be able to settle the argument out of court, saving you time, effort, and expenses.

Employment Issues Due to Coronavirus

The Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) was passed on April 1, and it requires that employees give their employers notice when they need to take sick leave, along with supporting documentation. Up to two weeks’ paid leave is available to qualifying employees who work for businesses that have fewer than 500 employees. employmentEven when you’re just providing care for someone else with the coronavirus, this act can still come into play. If your child’s school is closed due to COVID-19, you may be able to get partial pay for up to 10 weeks after ten days of unpaid leave.

When an employer doesn’t pay for sick leave, it’s considered just as bad as not paying minimum wage. So, you may be entitled to two times your regular pay plus attorney fees. Since these laws and acts are new and haven’t been dealt with before, you should turn to a dependable attorney who will study everything thoroughly and work hard to achieve a reasonable settlement and a quick resolution. You can have peace of mind knowing that you’ll get the payout that you deserve.

You may think that representing yourself is a great way to cut costs, but enlisting an experienced attorney that can win your case is the best way to get compensated. Additionally, your case may involve a lot of paperwork. Our law office will make sure the paperwork is filled out and submitted correctly, saving you time and effort and possibly saving your case.

Legal Family Matters During Quarantine

Throughout the world, COVID-19 movement restrictions may be making homes more dangerous. With families being forced to spend more time together in a stressful situation because of the coronavirus quarantine, domestic dispute numbers are rising. In some countries, COVID-19 domestic violence numbers have increased by 50% or even 75%. In the United States, 22 law enforcement agencies provided NBC News with data on domestic violence, and 18 of those 22 departments reported there was an increase in March.

With emotions elevated, it’s best to turn to an experienced negotiator who will work hard domesticto put your case in the best light. If the opposing party has already lawyered up, it’s crucial for you to reach out to a domestic violence attorney that you can count on. Even though Pennsylvania law doesn’t contain specific statutes just for domestic disputes, our court system takes these cases very seriously. You can still be charged for a wide variety of misdemeanors, including harassment, stalking, child endangerment, and invasion of primacy. Some of these charges come with hefty fines. Even if you don’t see the inside of a jail cell, your reputation can still be damaged.

In addition to fines and jail time, you could also be facing a restraining order, which can make your day-to-day life very difficult. If child custody is involved in your case, the stakes are very high, but our expert defense lawyer can help lower those stakes and do damage control for you. We will thoroughly study the police report and all of the facts, interpreting the law as it applies to your case and building a strong defense for you. Get in touch with the knowledgeable defense attorneys at Dutko Law to find out how we can defend your rights as an individual.

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