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Divorce Attorney in Northampton County

A divorce attorney in Northampton County can help you get a favorable settlement in a divorce. In the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, there are two options for divorce — fault and no-fault. Depending on the circumstances regarding your divorce, Dutko Law can help you decide which choice is best. A no-fault divorce is usually cheaper than a fault divorce. Depending on your circumstances, though, sometimes it can be strategically necessary to pursue a fault-based divorce. Getting what is best for our clients is the ultimate goal at Dutko Law. For a favorable outcome to your divorce, you should have a skilled negotiator on your side. Not all divorces are the same, so give Dutko Law a call to find out how we can fight for a fair and reasonable settlement for your divorce.

Determining the validity of a divorce complaint often comes down to jurisdiction in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The law requires that the party filing the claim to have been residing in the state for six months before submitting.

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What To Expect From An Experienced Divorce Attorney in Northampton County

At Dutko Law, we diligently prepare for filing the complaint. We gather all theDivorce attorney in Northampton County required information before filing. Our research allows us to determine whether it would be in your best interest to file a counterclaim if you are the defendant in the divorce proceedings. After we have finished filing, we will prepare and serve discovery to the other party. We look to negotiate a settlement that is fair to both parties, resolving claims by each ex-spouse. If the initial negotiations don’t solve the matter, we try to move the case forward effectively, and we use the discovery response to initiate additional negotiations, if possible. Overall, the goal is to create a fair and equitable division of marital assets. An experienced and diligent divorce attorney in Northampton County can get you what you deserve.

Fault Grounds


Six fault grounds are recognized in Pennsylvania as a basis for divorce:

  1. Incarceration of the spouse
  2. Indignities
  3. Adultery
  4. Bigamy
  5. Desertion
  6. Cruelty

Before granting a divorce, individual requirements must be met for each of the fault grounds. If a spouse is incarcerated, they must be imprisoned for at least two years. Additionally, intolerable and burdensome treatment may qualify as an “indignity” fault. For a FREE CONSULTATION with the #1 divorce lawyer in Northampton County, click here. From Bethlehem to Easton, PA, we're here for you. And you can learn more about the differences between divorce, separation, and annulment here.

Other Claims

Pennsylvania permits other claims to be filed within the initial divorce complaint. For instance, a common divorce complaint would include counts for Custody, Alimony, Alimony Pendente Lite, and Equitable Distribution of Property. Spousal support and property division are important considerations and should be discussed with an attorney to make sure your economic rights are protected.