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Divorce Law in Allentown

The state of Pennsylvania provides for both fault and no-fault divorce based on the grounds of the case. Typically, it is easier and less expensive to seek a no-fault divorce. Still, there are cases in which fault grounds present a strategic advantage, and there are several factors that go into this. If you’re dealing with a complicated divorce case, it’s essential to seek the counsel and assistance of a well-versed negotiator. When you need a dependable divorce lawyer in Allentown, get in touch with Dutko Law.

When you’re filing a divorce complaint, it’s vital to consider jurisdiction. Pennsylvania law requires that the party filing the complaint reside in Pennsylvania for at least six months immediately preceding the filing of the claim.

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What To Expect From An Experienced Divorce Lawyer in Allentown


Divorce law in Allentown near meA legal case can turn into a complicated issue, but Attorney Dutko will gather all of the necessary information and paperwork and diligently prepare the divorce claim for filing. If you happen to be the defendant in a divorce case, our family lawyer will review the filing to see if a counterclaim should be filed. Next, Attorney Dutko will provide mediation services for you and your ex-spouse, negotiating a fair and reasonable settlement. With his years of experience, Attorney Dutko can determine if you’re getting your fair share. If negotiations are unsuccessful, he will send your verified discovery to the opposing side and effectively move the case forward. Discovery responses often lead to settlement negotiations, resulting in a fair and equitable distribution of marital assets.

Fault Grounds


Six fault grounds are recognized in Pennsylvania as a basis for divorce:

  1. Incarceration of the spouse
  2. Indignities
  3. Adultery
  4. Bigamy
  5. Desertion
  6. Cruelty

In order to be granted a divorce, specific requirements must be proven. Each ground has its conditions, and Attorney Dutko will work hard to validate your grounds.

For example, to prove “indignities,” the party must show that your spouse mistreated you so badly that your life was intolerable and burdensome. For a party to prove incarceration grounds, the imprisonment must be for two or more years. Our dedicated team can break down the prerequisites and explain them in layman’s terms. Contact us today for a free consultation on divorce law in Allentown.

Other Claims

Pennsylvania permits other claims to be filed within the initial divorce complaint. For instance, a common divorce complaint would include counts for Custody, Alimony, Alimony Pendente Lite, and Equitable Distribution of Property. Spousal support and property division are important considerations and should be discussed with an attorney to make sure your economic rights are protected.