Domestic Violence in Berks County


Domestic Violence Cases in Berks County

Have you been charged with domestic violence in Berks County?

Whether you got into a heated dispute, or you were defending yourself—you should consult with a professional domestic violence lawyer, who can look at all of the facts and find the best course of action for your specific case.

An experienced domestic dispute lawyer will work hard to bring the best possible light to your defense. In a case like this, there could be a lot on the line—jail time, classes, fines, restraining orders, and even loss of custody. Because every domestic violence case is different, you should hire an attorney to look at the specific circumstances that led to the incident and decide if the charges that are being brought against you are major or minor.

Domestic Violence Includes Assault, Strangulation, and Harassment

Pennsylvania law doesn’t have its own criminal statutes just for domestic violence, but a defendant could be charged with a variety of crimes that might have harsh penalties. The list of misdemeanor crimes that could be involved in domestic violence includes assault, harassment, stalking, disorderly conduct, invasion of privacy, corruption of minors, and many more.

Being arrested for domestic violence doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll be convicted. By studying the police report that was taken, an attorney can put together a defense that factors in the status of both parties during the incident.

Was there a 911 recording saved that supports the report? Are there any witnesses? Are the victim’s injuries recent? What was your and the victim’s emotional states at the time of the incident and the time of the police report? Are there signs of a struggle? Are there any past violence issues that have been filed against you? Were you and/or the victim inebriated? Your attorney will answer all of these questions when representing you.

Once it’s determined that your defense coincides with the police report, the defense attorney will gather evidence that backs it up.

Dutko Law Domestic Violence Defense Services From Reading to Kutztown, PA

Here at Dutko Law, we understand that emotions can be high during a situation like this. Therefore, you need a trusted domestic dispute attorney that will protect you from incriminating yourself. Once you’ve been arrested, anything can be used against you by the prosecution—no matter how calm you are when you talk to the police. If the prosecution moves forward with charges, our dedicated team will work with you to lay out all of your options.

Each and every case is different. If the court finds you guilty, our criminal defense lawyer may be able to put together a plea bargain that reduces your sentence by including a rehabilitation program. By striking up a bargain, we might be able to remove some of your charges or some of the restrictions that are being placed on you.

It’s important to be honest with your attorney when your defense is being put together. Withholding information will only make things more difficult for you and possibly cause you to lose the case. There are seven main categories that a domestic dispute defense falls under: I didn’t do it, he/she is lying, it’s an accident, self-defense, it can’t be proven beyond a reasonable doubt, it’s the victim’s fault, and the police are unable to bring charges.

If you attempt to represent yourself in this serious criminal case, the prosecution will most likely not take it easy on you and end up pushing for the strictest possible punishment. Attorney Dutko fully understands the law and can help you every step of the way—whether it’s talking to law enforcement or handling paperwork. Contact Dutko Law, LLC and put us on the case.