Domestic Violence, Coronavirus, and Quarantine

Domestic Violence, Coronavirus, and Quarantine

Domestic Violence and the Quarantine

The coronavirus outbreak has been a stressful time for many families. People are losing their jobs, are having hours cut back, or are being forced to work from home. Meanwhile, these people aren’t sure if they or their family members have COVID-19 or could contract it. Maybe your family hasn’t even had any previous domestic violence problems. But the added stress and secluded time together could lead to safety issues involving domestic violence and the quarantine. Social distancing has been recommended in Pennsylvania as a safety precaution. But it may be putting victims of domestic violence and the coronavirus at further risk. Also, the lock down makes it even more challenging for these people to reach out for help.


First of all, it can be difficult to call and report violence with the abuser there with you. They might even be in the room with you. Many medical facilities are still scrambling to get caught up with the coronavirus. Social services organizations could be struggling to receive funding. And travel restrictions may prevent these individuals from escaping to the home of a supportive friend or family member.

Reporting domestic violence

Domestic Violence during COVID-19

According to the United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, there has been a sharp rise in domestic violence during the lock down. Even in Australia, where officials included this problem in their COVID-19 response plan with $91 million attached to it—Google is reporting a 75% increase in searches for domestic violence help. Additionally, in the U.S., the National Domestic Violence Hotline reported that abusers are using the coronavirus as an excuse to further secluding their spouses from their family and friends. Even those who have a safety plan prepared could have their plans affected by COVID-19. Turn to our legal team when you’re dealing with domestic violence and the coronavirus.

Contact Us if You’re Facing Domestic Abuse Charges

Dutko Law, LLC is a dependable law firm that offers a variety of legal services. We handle civil litigation as well as family and criminal law. With offices in Lehigh and Berks counties, our experienced attorneys will fight for you and possibly get your sentence reduced. Although we have closed the doors of our physical legal firm during the COVID-19 shutdown, we are still available by phone during normal office hours. Contact us to schedule a consultation. Without a local attorney, the legal system can be very intimidating.


Need a Local Defense Lawyer Nearby?

If you’re wondering, “Where can I find a defense attorney near me?” you’ve come to the right place. Emotions may enter new heights in a domestic abuse case. So, it’s probably in your best interest to turn to a skilled negotiator who will advocate for you and work to protect your rights. Additionally, the prosecution is able to use anything that you say or do against you. If they see you taking the stand to represent yourself, a prosecutor will most likely use this to their advantage and push for a harsher sentencing. While representing yourself might sound like a good way to cut costs, in the long run, it could cost you more fines, possible jail time, and your reputation. If your spouse already has a lawyer, get in touch with us as soon as possible.


While Pennsylvania law doesn’t contain criminal statutes that are just for domestic violence, the courts do take these cases very seriously. The defendant could face charges for a number of crimes that come with harsh penalties. You may be facing harassment, unlawful restraint, false reports, assault, invasion of privacy, and many more misdemeanor charges. The dedicated team at Dutko will look at all of the facts and the police report and put together the best possible defense for you. It’s important to remain honest with your lawyer. Withholding any information could cause you to lose your case.


Another Quarantine Trend We’re Facing

As we mentioned before, in these tough times, people are dealing with heightened emotions and stress levels. The coronavirus shutdown is making it difficult to start, continue, and end relationships. As Zoom video has seen an epic rise in usage during the lock down, taking the place of face-to-face interactions—some people are getting married and then subsequently divorced with the help of the app. If you need a professional divorce lawyer, get in touch with Dutko Law. We can provide the legal knowledge and experience as well as the support that you need. Our team will work with you through every step of the case, and we will handle the paperwork for you. This important because filing the wrong paperwork could delay your case or even get it thrown out.

Zoom divorce

Pennsylvania Divorce Law

Divorce rates in Pennsylvania are historically low compared with other states, but our rates have been up in recent years. Even though people are using social media to joke about getting dumped on Zoom, a coronavirus divorce is not something you should take lightly. We’ll work towards a fair and reasonable settlement. If negotiations aren’t a success, you may be forced to divide property and assets or pay alimony for years to come. When a lot of money is on the line, the case can get very complicated. Working with a skilled divorce attorney may help lower the high stakes of your case, and it will afford you peace of mind in a troubling situation. Also, we can save you a lot of time, allowing you to put your efforts toward restarting your life.


If child custody is also involved in your divorce, we can help with that too. Because there is so much on the line in this type of case, the proceedings could start as a calm, uncontested separation and escalate to a long, drawn-out trial that is a toxic experience for your child. Our trustworthy custody attorney will work to arrive at a speedy resolution that is right for your family. Doing right by your child should be your top priority is this kind of legal case. Whether you’re looking for a divorce or child custody lawyer, turn to Dutko Law. Additionally, we can help out with employment discrimination issues that involve COVID-19.