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Who Handles DUI Defense Law in Schuylkill Haven Near Me?

You may think it’s a little overly excessive to hire a DUI attorney. But this is a matter you should take seriously. There are severe, life-altering consequences involved with a DUI conviction, especially if you’ve had previous infractions. You could be facing large fines, prison time, community service, mandatory treatment, license suspension, and more. When you need a law firm that’s very experienced and knowledgeable when it comes to DUI defense law in Schuylkill Haven, turn to Dutko Law. You need someone who will go through all the evidence closely, put together the best case for your defense, and fight on your behalf. So, get in touch with Dutko Law today for a free consultation.

PA DUI charges have been broken down into different tiers. If it’s your first DUI conviction, and your BAC was fairly low, your charges would be less severe than a repeat offender whose BAC was over 0.16%. There are other factors that are considered in a DUI case. And it’s important to remember that each case is different. There are different legal issues that can be raised to help support your defense. So, you should turn to a local attorney that has professional experience with Schuylkill Haven DUI defense law.

How can a DUI Lawyer Help My Case?

A defense attorney with in-depth knowledge of local DUI laws may be able toDUI Defense Law in Schuylkill Haven negotiate with the prosecutor to help get your charges reduced or dropped altogether. And if your case does go to trial, our DUI lawyer will be there to represent you in court.

Attorney Charles Dutko served as a police officer before he became a lawyer. So, he has first-hand experience doing traffic stops and sobriety checkpoints. Therefore, he knows exactly what police are looking for when they have to establish probable cause for a traffic stop. If something wasn’t done properly, Attorney Dutko may be abler to use it in your defense. He is a terrific advocate to have on your side in a DUI or DWI case.

When you need a representative who knows the ins and outs of DUI law in Schuylkill Haven, turn to Dutko Law. Our law office serves all of the Schuylkill County area, including Pottsville, Frackville, and Orwigsburg.