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If you’re looking at a DUI charge in Schuylkill County, you should find an experienced attorney. You need someone who will review your case closely and then fight hard for you. Attorney Charles Dutko is a former police officer. And he has experience conducting sobriety checkpoints as well as traffic stops. Whether the police stopped you at a checkpoint or singled you out because of a motor vehicle violation, Attorney Charles Dutko will closely review your case and find the best possible course of action for you.

There are many different legal issues that a professional Pennsylvania DUI attorney can raise in your defense. This can help limit the consequences of your DUI. Plus, each and every DUI case is unique. So, your case should be examined by a DUI defense lawyer in Schuylkill County that can look at the specific circumstances and determine the best defense for you. And this will help ensure that you are not being denied any legal privileges, being wrongly accused, or being punished too harshly for your crime. So, don't hesitate to get help with your DUI charge in Schuylkill County.

Possible DUI Penalties in Pennsylvania

Felony of 3rd degree • 18-month license suspension • Up to 7 years in prison • Up to $15,000 fine

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Here at Dutko Law, our team knows all about defenses for drunk driving. Pennsylvania legislature has put together a “tier” system in DUI law. There are a few factors that determine the different subsections in the DUI statute. The prosecution will look at the substance that was in your body. Additionally, they’ll consider the amount of substance in your body and how many previous DUI convictions you had within the past 10 years.

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Just because you were arrested for DUI, it doesn't mean that you'll be convicted for it. Depending on your circumstances, youDUI Defense Lawyer Schuylkill County may be able to enter a probation program and earn a dismissal of the charges.

In Birchfield v. North Dakota in 2016, the United States Supreme Court decided that a blood draw from a DUI arrest is a constitutionally protected search subject according to the Fourth Amendment warrant requirement. The ruling held that it’s unconstitutional for laws to call for an increased criminal penalty for refusing to provide a blood sample are.

This ruling has greatly impacted District Attorney’s offices and how they are prosecuting DUIs.

Oftentimes, many are willing to lower the charge down to a general impairment, bringing the charge down to the lowest tier.

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Attorney Charles Dutko used to be a police officer. And he is one of the few Schuylkill County DUI attorneys with that experience. As an officer, Attorney Dutko spent time looking for drivers that were driving while impaired. Therefore, he has a full understanding of this process. He knows DUI offenses both from the position of an officer and as a defense lawyer.

During his time as a police officer, Attorney Dutko pulled people over and took part in sobriety checkpoints. Additionally, he conducted field sobriety tests, determined if the driver had been impaired, and started the charges against defendants. Due to this unique prior experience, Charles Dutko is the defense lawyer you want to have on your side. And here at Dutko Law, we understand the processes of DUI offenses, and better still, we know all about Pennsylvania law.

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Attorney Dutko has a full understanding of what police look for when developing probable cause to initiate a vehicle stop. Many DUI cases are determined by the officer’s ability to establish probable cause for the initial traffic stop. When a DUI defense lawyer in Schuylkill County can refute the vehicle stop, it often gets the charges dismissed or reduced during the plea negotiations.

If you are fighting a DUI Charge in Schuylkill County, including Pottsville, Tamaqua, Shenandoah, Schuylkill Haven, Tremont, Orwigsburg, Frackville, and Port Carbon —  Charles Dutko is the DUI lawyer to call.

If you find yourself facing a DUI in Schuylkill County, don’t let the police or prosecutor pressure you into taking a plea. Also, don’t try to handle your defense alone. There could be a lot on the line for you. So, call Dutko Law, LLC and get Attorney Dutko’s DUI experience on your side.