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Who Handles DUI Law in Jim Thorpe Near Me?

Maybe you were out with your friends, and you had one too many to drink before driving home. Although this may seem like a common mistake, in the State of Pennsylvania, DUI penalties can be pretty hefty, especially if you’ve had previous infractions or your BAC was high. So, you don’t want to take these types of charges lightly. That’s why you should turn to a pro in DUI law in Jim Thorpe. Dutko Law has been handling DUI cases for years. Therefore, we can help you stay protected as you navigate your way through the court system. We may even be able to help you get a reduced sentence and not lose your driver’s license. Whether you use your car for the daily commute or for running errands — losing your license can have a huge impact on your life.

DUI charges in Pennsylvania are broken up into different tiers. The amount of alcohol in your system and the number of previous DUIs you’ve had both factor into the DUI charges that you’ll receive. Additionally, if you refuse to take a breathalyzer or chemical testing, that could increase your charges. Some of the penalties for a DUI include fines, jailtime, mandatory treatment, community service, and loss of license. When you combine all these penalties together, it can be a lot. But just because you’re facing DUI charges, it doesn’t mean that you’re automatically convicted. Our team is very knowledgeable when it comes to Jim Thorpe DUI law. We will go through all the evidence and find the best way for you to put together a defense and proceed with your case.

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If you’re wondering, “Who offers legal services in Jim Thorpe?” you’ve come to theDUI Law in Jim Thorpe right place. Attorney Charles Dutko has previous experience as a police officer. He took part in traffic stops and sobriety checkpoints. So, he knows the proper procedures that officers have to follow when establishing probable cause for a traffic stop. And he may be able to find a mistake the police made and use it to your advantage when making your case. So, contact Dutko Law today. He can offer you a free consultation. And our law firm serves all of Carbon County, including Lehighton, Palmerton, and Nesquehoning.