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Who Handles Easton Pardons Near Me?

According to HR.com, over 90% of the employers that were surveyed by the National Association of Background Screeners in 2018 said that they use some form of employee background screening. So, when you’re applying for a job, it’s important that you have a clean record. If you’ve been convicted of a crime and are looking to clear your good name, contact Dutko Law about Easton pardons. Our team has years of experience handling expungements and pardons. Therefore, we can help guide you through the whole pardon application process. That can include everything from gathering information and submitting an application to getting fully prepared for a hearing.

Should I Have My Record Expunged?

Some people think that criminal charges will eventually come off their record after enough time has passed. Meanwhile, a criminal charge will actually stay on your record permanently until it is expunged — even if you were found not guilty. There are a lot of different benefits for having your record expunged. They include:

  • Getting a Better Job
  • Improving Your Housing
  • Qualifying for Financial Loans or Student Loans
  • Getting Professional Certification or Licenses
  • Being Able to Purchase a Firearm

Easton pardons

Easton Pardons and Expungement

First of all, we can determine if you’re eligible for a pardon, an expungement, or a limited access expungement. Plus, we will closely review your entire docket, determining the best possible approach for you. Eligibility is based on the disposition of the charge(s), Pennsylvania statutes, and your right to protect your own reputation. Second, we’ll fil the right petition with the court. Third, if you have a hearing, we’ll represent you. And finally, we’ll follow up to ensure that your record has been expunged.

In a lot of cases, we’re able to get summary offenses removed from the records of our clients. If you have a more serious charge, like a DUI, it may be expunged from your record. And there is a new Clean Slate Law that shields certain misdemeanors from public view. The types of crimes that are eligible include charges that didn’t turn into a conviction, summary convictions, and misdemeanors that include less than two years in prison. In certain kinds of instances, there are other crimes that can be expunged from your record. Even a felony may be expunged, depending on the final determination of the felony.

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If our team determines that the best route for you would be exploring Easton pardons, we will work with you each step of the way. We know exactly what the Board of Pardons looks for in pardon cases. So, we can increase your chances of getting approved for a pardon.


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