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Where can I Get a Reading, PA, DUI Attorney Near Me?

Maybe you’re out with your friends at a bar or a party. You’re having a fantastic time. And everything is going great until you decide to drive home. The next thing you know, you’re given a breathalyzer, taken in, and charged with a DUI. What do you do now? A mistake like this can have major consequences on your personal life, your job, and your future. So, it’s important to get in touch with a Reading, PA, DUI attorney right away. Our team at Dutko Law will help you throughout the entire process, from your preliminary hearing to your sentencing. We’ll be there to support you and guide you through the legal process, giving you some more peace of mind.

It’s important to remember that being charged with DUI and being convicted of it are two different things. You shouldn’t give up or allow yourself to get pressured into any kind of plea agreement before you talk to a DUI attorney in Reading, PA. We will go through all of the evidence and put together the best possible defense for you. Maybe the police officer didn't administer the breathalyzer properly. Or, maybe the police didn’t have a valid reason for making a traffic stop in the first place. Attorney Dutko served as a police officer before he became a lawyer. So, he knows exactly what to look for when challenging the probable cause the police needed for making a traffic stop.

What Should I Do if I’m Charged with DUI?

Reading, PA, DUI attorneyWhether it’s your third or first DUI, this is a matter that you should take seriously. There could be a lot on the line, depending on your particular circumstances. DUI penalties could include time in jail, large fines, driver’s license suspension, and treatment programs. Some ramifications (like higher insurance premiums) can continue to affect your life for years.

Traffic violations are taken seriously in the State of Pennsylvania. If you’re facing PA DUI charges, it could be very serious for you. There are different factors to consider. Is this your first DUI, or are you a multiple offender? Also, what was your BAC level, or were there other substances involved? You might think that DUIs are just for drunk driving. But you can also get a DUI for using marijuana, heroin, cocaine, or any other substances that can alter your mind and body. Also, you can contact Dutko Law if you need a local drug defense lawyer.


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