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Is there a Traffic Accident Lawyer in Lehigh County Near Me?

During your daily commute in Lehigh County, you probably see car accidents all the time — especially if you drive on 22 or 78. If you’ve been injured in an auto accident yourself, and your medical bills are starting to pile up — you may think there’s no way to ease your pain. But turning to our traffic accident lawyer in Lehigh County is the best way to find out if your case has merit and you should take legal action. The team at Dutko Law is very experienced with the ins and outs of traffic law. Therefore, we know exactly what needs to be proven to establish fault. Plus, we know how much compensation is fair for someone in your situation. So, reach out to our car accident lawyer today for more information.

Lehigh Valley Car Accident Laws

When it comes to legal cases that involve filing claims, dealing with insuranceTraffic Accident Lawyer in Lehigh County companies, and putting together evidence — it can be a lot of work. So, let our auto accident attorney save you a lot of time and effort. We will work hard to try to get you the compensation that you rightfully deserve.

The insurance company of the at-fault driver is required to pay for any losses from the accident. But that amount doesn’t include the pain and suffering you’ve been through and the other ways that the traffic accident negatively impacted your life. And insurance adjusters are actively looking for ways to minimize the amount of money that you receive. But our Lehigh County traffic accident lawyer will handle insurance company communications for you. This way you can stay focused on healing and getting back to your normal life.

Gathering Evidence to Support Your Claim

Get a car accident attorney in Lehigh CountyUsually, when you’re in an accident, the other driver doesn’t admit it was all their fault. Therefore, you have to collect evidence showing the other driver was at fault and your injuries came from the accident. Contact our auto accident lawyer near Lehigh County, and we will go to work for you. And we serve Allentown, Emmaus, Schnecksville, Trexlertown, and the surrounding areas.

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