What You Should do If Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

What You Should do If Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

What to Do When Your Partner Asks for a Divorce

Whether it’s all of a sudden, or you saw this coming — when your spouse asks for a divorce, you may be facing a lot of emotions and questions. It may be difficult for you to focus on money and belongings when your marriage is coming to an end. Some couples are able to work things out through counseling or maybe a trial separation and reconciliation, while others aren’t quite as lucky. If you’re not able to reconcile with your partner, there are some things you can do to protect yourself. And you may be wondering what you should do if your spouse wants a divorce. Our local divorce lawyer put together some guidelines that you can follow.

What You Should do If Your Spouse Wants a Divorce from You

If you were going to end a business partnership, you’d make sure that all assets are being divided up fairly, right? It may seem a little strange to think of your marriage this way, but the same concept holds true when your husband or wife wants to separate. Even when your spouse wants a divorce and you don’t, it can still happen. The court can go over your head and grant the divorce your partner wants.

My spouse wants a divorce

Keep Cool and Calm

This may be easier said than done. But it definitely won’t help you if you start to yell, plead, beg, or throw things. There are many important decisions for you to make along the way. And you’ll be able to do a better job of this if you have a clear head and are not freaking out. The divorce process can be long, tiresome, and ugly, especially if there is a custody battle involved with it. Keeping things friendly can help keep your divorce proceedings shorter and easier on everyone involved.

Seek Out Helpful Advice

If suddenly your husband or wife asks for a divorce, you may not know what to do. So, naturally, you talk to some friends or family members who have been through a divorce, right? No, these people probably won’t have the best advice for you — especially if you’re still trying to repair your marriage and avoid a divorce. You should talk to people who have been through some hard times but are still happy in their marriage. Or, maybe there is someone that your partner holds in high regard — like a parent, therapist, or pastor who can be a good influence on the situation.

Keep Children Out of the Divorce

You and your partner both need to have a calm discussion with your children to explain what’s happening. They don’t need to know everything. But they need to know they’re not at fault for the separation. It’s best to keep your children away during any arguments with your spouse. Additionally, you should try to keep them away from angry phone calls and out of any legal offices as well as the courthouse. You never know what exactly they’ll be able to overhear — even from another room. And if you have a child custody case, you can always reach out to Dutko’s custody lawyer. On top of everything else you’re going through, you don’t want to also lose custody.

What you should do if your spouse wants a divorce

Learn What You can about Divorce

If you’ve never gone through a divorce before, chances are that you don’t know exactly what it’s like to go through a divorce. So, you should educate yourself on the matter. The more you can learn about the process, the more prepared you’ll be for any issues that can come up. And our family divorce attorney can partner with you to help make this process a bit easier for you.

Close Any Joint Accounts You Have

In order to keep your credit rating secure, you should close accounts that your spouse can access and affect. You don’t want your spouse to be able to bring on any large debts before the divorce has been finalized. And then you get stuck with the bill. For added protection, you may even want to ask your financial institution to require two signatures on any withdrawals from larger savings or investment accounts.

Find a Family Law Office

Just because your partner has hired a lawyer, it doesn’t mean that you need one too. But having your own legal counsel can be very helpful, especially if you have large, complex finances involved. Divorces often turn into long, complicated, and messy matters. And there’s no need for you to try and go it alone when your wife or husband asks for a divorce.

Choosing a divorce attorney

Choosing an attorney is a very important decision that can greatly affect the separation. You need a divorce lawyer you can count on — someone you feel comfortable with. You need to know that this person has the right experience for the job and that they will put you first. It’s important that you make an informed decision, but you want to make this decision as soon as possible. This way you’ll have someone there to make sure you don’t make any slip-ups along the way.

Even if you’re not in favor of a divorce, and you want to work things out with your partner — you should still hire a divorce lawyer. You need to know what your legal rights are in a divorce case, so you can keep them protected. And your divorce attorney can help you decide if a counterclaim should be filed.

You may be wondering, “Is there a family lawyer near me?” “Who knows what you should do if your spouse wants a divorce?” Well, our team is here for you. With years of knowledge and experience, Attorney Charles Dutko will have your back throughout the entire process. He’ll be there to help you with any paperwork and court appearances. Additionally, he’ll be there to support you and bring down your stress level during these troubling times. Contact our nearby law office today for a free consultation. Our dedicated legal team serves the State of Pennsylvania, including Lehigh and Berks counties as well as Northampton County.